custom furniture and one-off pieces made using aged car bonnets

TV Unit / Sideboard


This fantastic piece is made from black steel sheets. The doors are HK Holden bonnets and the door handles are from an FJ Holden.

L1500 x W600 x H1000mm

Price:  $2,500 -

Freight / delivery cost:
please enquire

Desk / Table


Just Beautiful - this white desk is made from a HQ Holden bonnet.  
50x50x50mm box section is used for the frame and the legs (which are removeable).

L1300 x W650 x H820mm

Price:  $650-

Freight / Delivery cost: Please enquire

Coffee Table


Made from a HK Kingswood, this beauty is ready to take home.

L1100 x W710 x H510mm

Price:  $599-

Freight / Delivery: Please enquire

Coffee Table


Made from black steel -
offcut bonnet piece running down the middle - 
solid steel rivits stud aroud the edges - 
this coffee table definatley makes a statement!

L1000 x W1000 x H500mm

Price: $599-   

Freight / Delivery:  Please enquire

Coffee Table


One of the first pieces we bought home - it is fantastic and has such great character -
made from a WB Statesman boot lid - a deep green/rusty brown colour it is easily looks black in dim light.
L1300 x W650 x H470mm
Price:  $599 -

Freight / Delivery : Please enquire

Stools / Side tables


HZ Holden bonnets for all 4 of these.

​These guys are so cool -
the red ones have orange &
grey coming through & the black &
white have a beautiful gold showing through on the edge-
they really are unique
 little things!

Measurements of the white:
L300 x W300 x H400mm

Measurements of the red:  
 L330 x W330 x H400mm

Price: $175- ea

Freight / Delivery  Please enquire

Desk / Table

HZ Holden bonnet

L1300 x W650 x H810mm

Price:  $650 -

Freight / Delivery:
please enquire



This piece has tons of character - you can still feel the ridges of the layers of paint - it has the 2pack coating so it is smooth & clean but the texutre is definatley cool. 

Measurements: L880 x W40 x H920mm

Price:  $499-
...The stools in the above photo have already sold...
Custom job for a fantastic couple in NSW

L1700 x W550 x H820mm

Price: $950 -
Tripple panel Bench - custom made for a company in Sydney
Thank you Bill - we loved this build - the largest we have made to date!

L2400 x W700 x H920mm