custom furniture and one-off pieces made using aged car bonnets
We love doing custom jobs, moreso than making something for our shop floor, it is exciting for us to work with a customer, bringing ideas together to end up with something that is loved.  
So, if you are looking for something specific,  need a piece made to certain measurements or have a colour  in mind, just pop us a message.  We will look at working with you to make
something not only functional but beautiful and original.

  Custom jobs start at $650.  

All of our pieces of furniture are made from old, aged and weathered car bonnets.
We take our time and hand-pick all of our pannels and bonnets, they then go through a lengthy
process of being cleaned, sanded cut and folded. 
Depending on the piece we are making, pannels are then welded together.  
A number of coats of  2pack (clear) is applied and finally they are buffed and polished. 
The 2pac coating gives the tables extra durability - a hard coat that prevents scratches
and gives the tables a beautiful, smooth finish.
The legs and frame are made from 50x50mm box section.  
The frame is constructed and the coating on the box section is
stripped back, a process that is repeated until we have raw steel.   
If needed, height adjusters are then added to the legs.
When designing the tables we decided to have the legs removable - making it so much easier if it needs to be moved or transported (as a person that loves to move my furniture around, this was important, maybe it's just me but so many times I have had issues with getting a piece from one room to another!).  When you purchase a table it is flat-packed and couriered.  After delivery, it is a simple case of just bolting the legs on (allen key and bolts provided).
We are then at that part of the build where it literally all comes together  and it is ready for sale!